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About Emerald City Clean-Up

Locally Owned

We're a locally owned small business based in Seattle.  Our mission is to help Seattle area homeowners and businesses enjoy stress-free removal of unwanted items while also helping the environment and whenever possible, those less fortunate.

If you have unwanted furniture, appliances, broken electronics, office equipment, yard waste or other types of junk, then our team can remove these unwanted items and ensure that the amount of waste discarded in the local landfills is minimized.

The Right Choice

  With over 25 years of experience in Waste Minimization, Reclamation and Environmental Stewardship, we have the knowledge and contacts to ensure that the amount of waste headed into the local landfills is kept to a minimum. 

  Many of the Seattle area junk removal contractors head straight to the nearest landfill and dump your waste.  We do things differently. Once we remove the items from your home,business or job site, our job is just beginning.  We donate, recycle, or upcycle as much as possible to help both the environment and those in the area who are in need.

  Our team works hard to ensure that all waste is disposed of properly and that anything that can be recycled or re-purposed is kept out of our local landfills.

Drop us a line and tell us what you have.  Also, if possible, pictures speak a thousand words.  We'll get back to you with a quote as quickly as possible.


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